• Warning: Spoilers
    This series is about Beth Harmon a young girl orphaned at the age of 9 that discovers she has an amazing talent for chess. The series starts with her as a young girl in the orphanage and she gets taught by a janitor to play chess. As we see her grow up she is played by actress Anya Taylor Jo she gets adopted by a couple at age 13 and then starts entering chess tournaments. She is now invited into a whole new world. The acting in this series is amazing the lead actress as Beth Harmon has so much complexity and demensions to her character. There are some other interesting characters she meets along the way as she starts winning tournaments and gaining fame. Her character is also self destructive taking pills and washing them down with alcohol. Some of the chess playing scenes are thrilling and you dont have to be a huge fan of chess to enjoy them. I loved the costumes in the series set in the 1960s and the cinematography was great as well as been very well written. I really enjoyed this series.