• Black Mirror is a unique series in the world of shows. It is futuristic, thought-provoking, deep and sometimes disturbing.

    • (+) Awesome and sleek screenplay and stories
    • (+) Amazing and fitting acting by the episodes' cast
    • (+) Deep, intelligent and futuristic ideas, well developed in each episode
    • (+) Got more dynamic after season 2, with Netflix help
    • (+) Brightly created and produced by Charlie Brooker
    • (+) Memorable episodes, such as 'Be Right Back', 'The Waldo Moment', 'San Junipero', 'Hang the DJ', 'Striking Vipers and 'Smithereens'
    • (-) None that I remember

    So, when you have such a marvel in hand and real demand from viewers' side, you do them a favor and hopefully release up to a potential season 10. Moreover, the seasons are not filled with conveyer-like episodes, so it can be managed with a bit of will and help from the producing side.

    Hope the above is not wishful thinking as Black Mirror has diamond-like qualities.