• This is another under the radar gem, this is of course another licensed game based on the animated TV series "Generator Rex." and to me this is one of the better licensed video games based off of an animated show from the Cartoon Network lineup.

    The graphical presentation is solid, nothing amazing but good enough as the background and character models look and feel true to the source making you feel like you really are playing Rex and are in the animated show. Really liked one level which was sort of an homage to the "Silent Hill" games where one of the enemies from the show Breach transports you to her world which is just strange, and all messed up. There is a decent variety of EVOs to fight and even the boss battles are pretty good if easy.

    The story is decent nothing special, it's typical superhero fare but there is a little of spy intrigue which keeps it moderately interesting and is part of what made the show slightly unique; but most importantly makes the game feel like another episode from the series. I really like the voice acting which is spot on as it consists of everyone involved with the series, which is something I most of the time want from a licensed game anyone else just wouldn't be the same. Music score is also decent, it's the rockin tunes from the show, they were never really my favorite as I personally don't find them memorable. But their a nice listen as they fit the energy of the show and the game based on it.

    The control and action in the game is solid, it's pretty much similar to "Devil May Cry" not a new format but still done right all the same. The fight mechanic is similar you have a decent combo system with the weapons you wield. You get to pick out each different regenerative ability/weapon, from the big boxing gloves which really pack a lot of power to their punches. Another is the gun, which is sort of a rail gun as it's good in taking out targets in great distances. And the other is a sword which I really like and the one weapon I use the most, with this your make quick strikes and combos.

    And of course the highlight is when you use your omega power which gives you a temporary power boast in your attack, where your hands form these big hammers that also act as propellers as you in constant motion, swinging and smashing the bad guys. However, like I said this is temporary, once the gauge is empty it takes time to refill it again, so use it for emergencies only. There is even your personal store you can access anytime to buy upgrades for your generation powers.

    There are platform action sequences when Rex generates the big stomping boots which are cool. Those sequences are decent, it's fun to make big jumps and get from point A to B. Though one thing I enjoyed the most about those sequences is kicking the bad guys that come your way like soccer balls. Yeah the game is on the easy and slightly short side, which make the game one of those weekend rental titles, all the same it's still fun to play if you just feel like a light breezy play.

    Only genetic defect of the game in my book is the cinematography, it's not bad but could be better. I just which that camera zoomed in on the character a bit more as the zoom out makes the character look a little small just in some points when he's not engaged in a big battle. But this is only a little quibble that doesn't bother me all that much.

    The other I wish there could have been a sequel, it's really too bad there wasn't because if there was one there is lots of opportunity for improvement. Like more variety in gameplay like more driving sequences with Rex's bike, but most of all getting to play as some of the other characters in Rex's team. Like Bobo he could have not act as Rex's gunner in the bike sequences but also some run a gun sequence with him; or heck even some light gun sequence where you can play either Rex or Bobo and you shoot it out with the bad guys.

    Agent Six in some of the fight sequences where he gets to use two of his batons. Circe with her some stealth action sequences. Dr. Holiday there could be some puzzle sequences, where there is some genetic plague bomb that needs to be defuse if she doesn't put a genetic cure together in the right order. I don't know it's a nice thought anyway but sadly a sequel isn't going to happen as this game didn't unlike Rex's fists didn't really make a big punch in sales and since the show has long been over the chances of one ever generating are slim to none (unless a sequel series or reboot ever happens but I wouldn't cross my fingers).

    Overall, if you're a fan of the series or if you're just a vintage hunter for licensed games or one simply for games of action, this game is one more building block worth adding in their genetic code.

    Rating: 3 stars