• Dear Hollywood and all moviemakers everywhere: Will you PLEASE stop with the apocalyptic, post-destructed-world where mankind barely survives? It's such TIRING crap. Please, I beg of you. You folks in the film production business who are obsessively into this dysthymic, depressing type of movie need to Get Over It and realize that the Real World craves entertainment, which is the LAST thing movies like 'What Still Remains' manages to accomplish. I stubbornly watched the whole debacle, er, movie to the end; hoping for a point to be made, or a happy ending, or at least a reconciliation between the lead characters. No luck. It begins as a pointless 3,899th movie about the post apocalyptic world where man's inhumanity towards man abounds - and no surprise - ends exactly the same way. Don't waste your time with this one. The actor and actress in the lead rolls appear to be competent in their work. They deserve something better. Maybe someday there will shine some scriptwriters and directors with enough IMAGINATION and skill to make something worth acting in. We can always hope.