• Well its an abreviation for the protocol on enhanced mind distortion , brainwashing/draining, or simply said, torture, in this case by u.k on the IRA and the USA upon culprit elements /enemies after 9/11.

    it starts of with the story of scottish psychiatrist dr.ewan cameron that did research on founded by the us government along with canada and the uk, that laid the foundation for the use of mind torture in the west, for the first ten years upon psychiatric civilian patients.

    this is a important historical document of vast dimentions, and there could have been made 50 feature length films if every torturous dictatorship around the world should be told and elaborated on just over the past century.

    its a well made film and to obtain complete objectiveness on a project like this is utopian and simply impossible, because the executioner and their peasants only words are ''objection'' and ''no comment''... its a recommend from the grumpy old man