• As someone not of this generation, I'd all but given up on the possibility of good movies coming from the Gen X'rs, et. all. However, I'm happy to say I was wrong. COHERENCE is a tasty modern morsel in the flavor of many of the classic TWILIGHT ZONES from yesteryear; and who doesn't enjoy those? Just buckle your seat belt, relax, and enjoy this cozy ensemble of professional actors take you on a mind-bending ride through a wormhole. No, maybe time folded back on itself, or perhaps a comet barreling over earth warped reality, time , and space? Either way, it's a great little film, causing a spell of wonderment and respect from a jaded old movie watcher that this team of director, producers, and fine actors handily created something of Rod Serling-like quality in the typically sub-standard 21st Century movie world. I'm impressed and hope to see more from all of them, and particularly the script writer. Who knows what he can conjure up next? I hope a lot of quality work. I deducted 1 star for the wobbly, constantly moving camera work, as it literally can make me sea-sick. But I get that it probably helped set the mood and dissonance in the film. A well-earned 9 out of 10.