• This series tries to go negative, but even the attempted black humor falls flat in this weak edition.

    First half is an insipid story of a couple of actresses, played in annoying Valley Girl fashion by Lana Rhoades and Scarlett Sage, who have been cast against type in a project as bad, tough girls. So they've hired a couple of chicks from across the tracks ("Compton") to help research the behavior for their roles.

    Opening exposition scene is nearly drowned out by music, clunky production by the anonymous Girlfriends Films filmmakers. Then the clash of cultures is badly directed, merely showing too obviously how the "bad girls" (Kissa Sins and Cadey Mercury) react condescendingly to the sissy girls.

    Rest of the show is random filler. We watch busty blonde newcomer Stephanie West (who can't act a lick) subjected to a house invasion at gunpoint from Lilly Ford, who's being hunted after shooting her boyfriend. Scene quickly falls apart as West can't seem to look the least bit frightened, as the subsequent enthusiastic and out of character XXX sex action is all that matters.

    Finale is really stupid, as Adriana Chechik is cast as something of a mechanical expert, checking out the motorcycle belonging to Sofi Ryan's dad. Preposterous set-up scene includes an extra as dad (face not shown) as Chechik is hired to sell his bike to raise money to pay for Sofi's college expenses. Then Chechik way too easily talks Sofi into becoming a sex worker instead, in order to raise the funds and let daddy keep his precious vehicle.

    A second male extra is briefly shown (not his face) as a voyeur who pays thousands of dollars to see a lesbian sex show performed for him, this time by Adriana and gullible Sofi. Sofi's weak acting doesn't lend credibility to the scene and she way too easily segues from the promised "put on a lingerie show for him" to gonzo XXX Sapphic sex. The male voyeur premise is soon forgotten.