• 25 November 2020
    Warning: Spoilers
    Mank is a great film about an alcoholic screenwriter who co wrote the screenplay of Citizen Kane with Orson Welles. It begins with Mank writing the screenplay and then delves into flashbacks when he was highly thought after in the early 30's. The black and white cinematography is stunning to look at with the shadows and bright lights. Gary Oldman as Mank is terrific portraying a great screenwriter but also showing his dark side with the drinking and gambling and womanizing. The screenplay is very cleverly written with some great snappy dialogue, with some witty one liners. The direction from Fincher is top notch and I think he is a lock for Best Director at the Oscars. Amanda Seyfried as Marion Davis is terrific, very witty and pops off the screen her performance was a pleasure to watch. There is the argument over who really got more credit over the screenplay for Citizen Kane, i personally think Mank wrote the bulk of it and Orson contributed. Orson of course was the actor, producer and director of the film and it was an amazing achievement. This is a great film in itself and I highly recommend it. If you love movies about old Hollywood this is for you.