• It's the first time a spin off series really captures its original show feel, and give it a new edge. I always preferred Addison. She's classy, naturally gifted, and a lot more sympathetic heroine than Meredith Grey. Also, California beaches are more enjoyable than Seattle's wooded landscape. Storylines strayed in very questionable and over the top dramatic plots, only never the way Grey's Anatomy did and still do. Season 6 is not the show's best, but that series finale was worth the wait. Regulars are great, even when they're flawed. Amelia shined there, and it's a shame her joining original series cast, spoiled that. To me, the show was at its peak during season 2 to 5. Coincidentally back when ABC was as well. The music, the cast and the acting were reasons I always preferred this over Grey's, or love watching both shows back to back, a lot more than what is currently offered by the network.