• An abused 15-year-old is charged with a murder that carries the death penalty in this fact-based story. "Too Young to Die?" is a 1990 television movie starring Brad Pitt and Juliette Lewis. It touches on the debate concerning the death penalty. It is based on a true story. Three years later, Pitt and Lewis would reunite, portraying somewhat similar characters, in Kalifornia.

    This film is one I watched strictly to see Brad Pitt in one of his first performances, I didn't expect a great deal considering it's a TV movie but it's surprisingly solid. The hard-hitting subject-matter is what makes the movie such an emotional journey, Juliette Lewis carries the movie fantastically well with her multi-layered portrayal of a girl on the wrong side of the tracks. An interesting and well-developed character. Whilst Brad plays an unlikable sleaze-ball that ultimately exploits her innocence. The film flows well and is nicely put together but doesn't stray too far from TV-movie farce. Sadly, the last act turns into a courtroom drama for its final, and weakest, act, which feels more like an education video on the filmmakers' message that troubled minors are victims of society and should not be held accountable for capital offences. Besides a few issues, it's a decent film and worth a watch.