• The Freshman (1925) : Brief Review -

    A MIND-BLASTING Comedy! Harold Lloyd's UNDERRATED GEM that gave so many sub-stories to the cinema world. By 2020, i have seen so many films having college life stories, that bullying stuff, ragging and scapegoat character and bla bla but it is unbelievable to learn that this Harold Lloyd's comedy flick started all these sub-stories way back in 1925. It was the same time when Chaplin was doing comedies with social sentiments and Bustor Keaton was more curved towards the Romantic, adventurous and generous comedies. At the same time, Harold Lloyd was busy bringing path-breaking stuff in comedy genre. When i saw his 'Safety Last' (1923), i was shocked to see those breathtaking stunts and here i am pleased to see mind-blasting comedy plus generous story along with creation of so many sub-genres. The Freshman is about a youngster, a college student will do anything to become popular on campus. It carries a cute love story alongside and also one more story of self-realization (another sub-story that begun here). I got no guns to shoot at it for mistakes because it doesn't have any mistakes. The writing was done by four guys and i am very happy to see such a great teamwork. In those 76 minutes it has lot of gags, situational laughs, brilliant set-ups and smartly dressed fiascos. Harold Lloyd's performance is one of the finest i have seen from his filmography. Jobyna Ralston as Peggy is cute as doll and she is damn lovable. Supporting cast is good and because they are mostly in negative roles, they all get into major funny scenes. The Frenchman doesn't feel dated, i enjoyed it like a laugh riot even Today after 95 years of its release therefore the major credit goes to Newmeyer and Sam Taylor's direction. Overall, a Classic Comedy and a Must Watch. Those 'All time films" lists are waste and unblessed for not mentioning this Classic.

    RATING - 8/10*

    By - #samthebestest