• Warning: Spoilers
    Sure, I hadn't even heard about the 2020 action movie titled "The Serpent" prior to sitting down to watch it. But I must say that the movie's cover and the fact that it is an action movie, then chances were that this might actually be an enjoyable movie.

    But it wasn't...

    The storyline in "The Serpent", as written by writer and director Gia Skova, was just boring and slow paced, and the movie seemed rather pointless actually. I have to admit that it was so uneventful and boring that I actually fell asleep about 1 hour into the ordeal.

    The acting in the movie was adequate, but not something you should get your hopes up for. I mean, the acting performances got the work done, but they weren't outstanding or particularly impressive.

    With "The Serpent" being an action movie, I must admit that I had hoped that the movie would have offered a bit more of excitement and adrenaline-filled action. To be perfectly honest, it was a bit stale and tale actually, and the action sequences that were in the movie, just didn't really delivered where it mattered.

    If you enjoy action movies, there are an abundance of readily available movies that offer a heck of a lot more enjoyment than "The Serpent" does. I think someone yanked out the teeth and venom glands from the serpent before letting it go. It was a very bland and boring movie experience.

    My rating of "The Serpent" lands on a generous three out of ten stars.