• If I think a movie is really bad then like most I will write a scathing review. However this film is so bad I feel as if I would be criticizing people with mental disabilities or cognitive delay.

    What I cannot understand is how someone in this day and age when every movie is out there for renting or viewing on Netflix etc. they cannot watch them to learn what to do and what not to do.

    The dialogue seemed written by 8 to 10 year old kids that have watched every B movie out there and didn't even nail that. The pacing of the actors was terrible also. Lighting? Was there any thought given to that?

    I understand budgets can influence the outcome of a movie but in this case no budget could have saved it. If I am writing this it is at least this film can serve as an example to future film makers on what NOT TO DO! Put quality in the script. Be realistic in the production based on what budget you have. Pick quality actors (and not yourself unless you are better than what you find). Lear lighting technique or hire someone that knows it well. It's an essential to film making. Then there is editing! Get an editor and colorist that knows what they are doing.

    Yes these things cost money but this movie had more budget than most amateur films I've seen yet many of those surpassed this garbage because their story and intent was foremost.

    It's extremely difficult to be the writer, actor, director and producer in any film for extremely talented and experienced film makers. As I said this film would be a waste of time other than it can fulfill a use by being a standard of the abysmal failure.