• It deals with a young : Pedrito Rico whom his father : Rafael López Somoza wants to follow a career as a bullfighter , however , this rebel son wishes to be a famous singer . As he goes to the Fair of Sevilla to seek fame and fortune and becoming himself a popular singer. There he meets a sympathetic swindler : Miguel Ligero , a famous singer : Conchita Bautista and ultimately a wealthy singer producer : Ana Mariscal herself . Things go wrong when his father shows up at the known Sevillan fair .

    An agreeable musical with plenty of Flamenco songs and dances , stars a forgotten singer : Pedrito Rico who sadly passed away early at 55 . There are various songs sung by Aurora Bautista and Pedrito Rico himself as : ...Y Sevilla , La de la calle Pureza, Con Dos Cuchillos Cruzados, A la Chita Callando, Saeta , No estés Encelado, Pa dibujar una Rosa , Con el Tilin Tilin and especially Poron-pon-pon that popularized Manolo Escobar . Here stands out a great support cast with the best Spanish comedians as Miguel Ligero , but is Rafael L Somoza who steals the show as deceived father who thinks his son follows Torero career when he is usually singing . And other support cast in minor roles as Jose Orjas, Jose Sepulveda , Angel Ter , Miguel del Castillo , Francisco Bernal and director Ana Mariscal .

    The picture was professionally produced and written and directed by Ana Mariscal . She was a prestigious actress who turned filmmaking and production for her company Bosco Films . Ana Mariscal played several films as main star or secondary acting, such as : El Ultimo Husar , La Florista de la Ensenada , Raza , Dulcinea , Princesa Ursinos , La Vida Encadenada , Pacto de Silencion, El Gran Galeoto , Jeromin, Morena Clara , La Violetera , La Reina del Chantecler and several others . His first movie as a director was Segundo Lopez in 1952 , going on Con La Vida Hicieron Fuego 1957 , the latter a melodrama about Spanish Civil War. Their boxoffice failures led her to direct commercial movies with no much interest , such as : La Quiniela , Hola Muchacho , Occidente y Sabotage , Duendes de Andalucía ,El Paseillo . And two films by attempting to create a new singer star : Pedrito Rico in Feria de Sevilla 1962 and Vestida de Novia 1967 , but both of them failed at Spanish box office . Rating 5.5/10 . Acceptable and passable . The flick will appeal to Folkloric , Flamenco music fans and Spanish musical enthusiasts .