• Warning: Spoilers
    Don't waste your precious time. Seriously. It's bad and definitely NOT a comedy. The networks are incorrectly calling it that. Who do they hire to categorize films? They apparently have never seen or heard of I Love Lucy, or Seinfeld, or Frazier...They have apparently never watched a Michael Keaton, or Goldy Hawn, Chevy Chase, or Mel Brooks comedy.

    The script, of sorts, is written by people (men or women? I don't care enough to check) who have NO earthly clue about women or men. The Mocumentary format falls uncomfortably flat. The irony of the whole concept dies before drawing a breath: Women mysteriously start becoming pregnant without men, and give birth to only females (Like Mules, or Hinny's) therein creating a shortage in men and a evolutionary change; specifically, men aren't needed anymore - so they are disposed of! (Huh?) This concept is utterly, totally ludicrous, and antithetical to any human reality. I sometimes wonder what Alien beings are being spewed out of film schools these days, they are so out of step with humanity.

    As I freely admit another reviewer pointed out, it's a completely unbelievable premise because human nature, the lure of heterosexuality, and the rarity of men would create EXACTLY OPPOSITE a societal reaction as posited in this stinker. Women would covet the rare male. Rich women would hoard them, almost all women would fight over them like she-cats. Males who could count to ten, and do the basic 'male' things; like change the oil (wherever were YOU going with the concept of 'male things' wink, wink) would value-up like today's gold market. And BTW, a REAL comedy could have been written about that. Mel Brooks could make a movie about that and have us falling out of our Barca-loungers.

    But this movie was done by people with no real clue about either life, sexuality, or gender. They instead let a narrow, dystopian, progressive, PC controlled, post-modern FALSE reality inform them 100% incorrectly about what actual real men and real women think, and love, about the other. The good movies always have some genuine resonance with us real humans. This steaming heap of nonsense never gets close to having a resonance because the filmmakers are so clueless. They got it ALL wrong, so the movie falls flat. The style is flat. The script fell flat, the acting is flat. The ambiance is non-existent. I gave it 2 stars out of pity.