• "Quiet Weekend" is a wonderful, warm and funny film set in the English countryside in 1946. This British comedy has none of the prominent actors who would be known outside of the UK at the time - especially across the pond in the Americas. Most of the cast had short film careers, so few were likely to be known even in the UK then. In a way, that makes this film all the more notable, because to a person the roles played here are very good.

    The comedy here isn't from clever or funny dialog, although the script has an occasional barb or witticism. Mostly, it's just in the relationships of this family and friends. One particular caper involves the lord of the house, Arthur Royd, the local justice of the peace, friend Adrian Barrasford, the Royd's caretaker, Sam Pecker, and a niece, Miranda Bute. They set out at night to poach a salmon from a neighbor's stream. That's quite funny by itself. A community playhouse evening is also worth a couple of laughs. And, a local jailhouse with a court scene is very good and funny.

    This is a delightful and feel-good film that those who like old movies should enjoy. Here are a couple favorite lines.

    Rowena Hyde, after kissing with Denys Royd, "That was very pleasant." Denys, "Pleasant? It was wonderful!"

    Adrian Barrasford, the local justice of the peace, says to Arthur Royd after their caper the night before, "No, I warn you. I shall fine us very heavily."