• Warning: Spoilers
    This hideous looking brain like monster (which I first saw in the 1982 comic horror movie documentary, "It Came From Hollywood") is the unintentional creation of professor Kynaston Reeves, and all you can hear as it approaches is its loud thumping which sounds as heavy as the Frankenstein monster. It isn't until 65 minutes into the movie where it finally appears, and when it does, if you haven't already fallen asleep, you might laugh at the shear audacity of what it looks like. This creature can easily be plummeted with a hatchet as evidenced when it first breaks into the room when Reeves, naval officer Marshall Thompson and Kim Parker (among other naval officials) are confronted by it.

    When you see it, you realize what you've been hearing since this invisible blob first appeared without appearing is that it sounds either like an old coffee percolator or an outboard motor of an old automobile. Certainly it is strong enough to choke a man to death, but you can't help but laugh at what William Castle decided to make fun of in "The Tingler" and what looks like a huge shrimp that has been given steroids. If only the first three quarters moved a bit faster, this might have been worth half a star more, but describing this as a fiend really stretches the truth since what it is is as far from human creation as possible no matter what zany professor Reeves says.