• I suspect this film was made by the Finnish to pander to Americans. From watching Hollywood movies, they knew Americans despised the USSR, and Americans like to be the heroes. And, hey, Finland is right up here with Russia, so we have a plausible plot and our country kind of looks like Russia!

    The three Americans being self entitled idiots traipsing across the border is actually reasonable, but sheesh, it gets ridiculous quick. For example, one of the "good guys" is in a tiny church that's on fire, and the Russians close the door. So he- bolts it closed! Wtf??

    And speaking of "good guys", uh, I'm supposed to like the three American guys why now?

    This movie is totally surreal, because the Finn movie makers didn't really understand Hollywood movies. But that does give it a weird charm, like a Twilight Zone episode.

    It's really more like a horror movie than a drama.