• John Wayne is Mason, in an early, credited role. Mason finds a note, which warns people to stay away from the Sally Ann Mine. of course, Mason owns half the rights to the mine, so he's not scared. he meets up with Janet Carter, whose father owned the other half at one point. but doesn't any more. the buildings all have secret hallways and passages, and someone or something steals the deed to Mason's mine. some inappropriate names they call the black actor which may have been common at the time the film was made, but is certainly very wrong now. this was a remake of Phantom City, acc to the trivia. old scenes from other films were included into this one. and it's only 58 minutes long as it is! the usual chases on horseback, fist fights, this one with running around the tunnels of a gold mine. a very young John Wayne, so he didn't have his slow, swagger yet. directed by Mack Wright. he had certainly put in his time as actor and assistant director, working up the ladder. it's okay.