• After seeing WEEKEND (1967), it is hilarious to me that the only film I've heard attached to Jean-Luc Godard's name my entire life has been BREATHLESS, a film which offered absolutely nothing for me, while this movie is a groundbreaker.

    It is by no means a pleasant watch, and possibly the oldest fully transgressive movie I've ever seen. What a nightmare. Hard to get through, but an important piece of art. Truly mean-spirited in nature, which I was previously unaware had been done in the 60's, until now. Almost entirely surrealist, often breaking the 4th wall, and many general rules, consciously - most certainly a precursor for movies such as Funny Games.

    The audio feels as if it's made to challenge you. Ripping, grating, high end tearing into you relentlessly. It's only adds to the anxiety that this film clearly aims to induce.

    The movie feels truly sadistic from a filmmaker's perspective but it's all done with clear purpose. The movie felt like it went on forever, and it wasn't always thrilling, but my level of respect for it never dwindled as I battled through. When things got most twisted, there were definitely a lot of laughs to be had, but all you can do is laugh when the satire and the subject matter is actually so vile. Laugh the pain away. I'm definitely going to check out more Godard from this period in the future, after seeing this.