• Filmed for showing as a TV Movie of the Week in the US and as a supporting feature in UK cinemas, this utilized the talents of several former Avengers personnel, director Sidney Hayers, writer Philip Levene, Laurie Johnson with an unmistakable score and Julian Wintle producing. Trademark fast-moving direction of the action scenes from Hayers, with no time wasted on people getting in and out of cars for example. The quirky character played by Roy Kinnear is very Avengers, in fact he'd played similar types in the show. A last appearance from 1930's leading man John Loder, while surprising to see the smooth Allan Cuthbertson, usually seen as one of the officer class, as a firefighter. Not too difficult to guess the identity of the arsonist, but the fires are relatively convincing, though how the hero and heroine emerged with barely singeing their eyebrows is anyone's guess. Good undemanding entertainment nevertheless.