• They always say that in every episode. "She didn't pick up the phone. I knew something was wrong."..."She didn't text back after 5 minutes I knew something was wrong"..."She arrived 5 min late for work. You know, something has to be wrong."

    This show is about people murdering their spouse/gf/bf/mistress/third wheel.

    Its a good show to watch when bored out of your mind. Other than that you cringe at the foolishness that these people go through. Most of the problems could have easily been avoided.

    Youtube comments ignore the pink elephant in the room. They always show sympathy for the deceased. That means lessons were not learned.

    Sometimes or most of the time the families look like they are reading from a board. Their dialogs seem very unauthentic.

    I knew something was wrong because I didn't write a verdict for this review.