• Boris Sagal's "Made in Paris" is pretty much what I expected. Despite the poster, we don't actually see Ann-Margret in her bra and panties. It's all about her having awkward flings with men in the French capital. Although we remember Ann-Margret as a sex kitten, she did eventually graduate to serious roles in "Carnal Knowledge", "Tommy", "Magic" and "Our Sons". She played a truly surprising role in the suspense thriller "Memory".

    However, one line in the movie caught my attention. They mentioned Algerians. It's worth noting that this came out only a few years after Algeria had won independence from France. France had occupied Algeria since the 1830s, with the French army committing all sorts of horrific atrocities there. Following an uprising in 1954, France waged a brutal eight-year war to try and reclaim Algeria, torturing prisoners in the process. I recently saw a movie called "Outside the Law", about some Algerian brothers and their participation in the independence movement amid French persecution. Believe me, France was not innocent in this regard.

    Yeah, I know. Pretty tangential. Anyway, it's a nice, innocuous movie. Plenty of dated qualities - gender relations, fur coats - but otherwise fun. As far as I'm concerned, any Ann-Margret movie is a good one.