• During the mid-1930s, Eugene Pallette was paired with Walter Catlett in several short comedies from Paramount. I've seen a few of them and can't help but wonder who thought pairing these two character actors in comedies was a good idea. Now I am NOT saying it because they were bad films....just an odd pairing. "Making the Rounds" is one of these Paramount shorts.

    In "Making the Rounds", Walter and Eugene are bad husbands who, instead of staying home with their wives, they went out carousing. Later, they try to make their ways home and make a mess of things.

    This isn't a particularly funny film, as the BIG joke is Pallette and Catlett doing a prolonged drunk and philandering act. I think they felt that alone was funny enough to carry the film...which it wasn't. Pretty limp and proof that character actors don't necessarily have the chops to carry a comedy short.