• "Politicking" - A term used by Challenge contestants to describe scheming and or back stabbing... basically, TALKING.

    I love the challenge, but the show has taken a serious hit in terms of entertainment factor.

    It used to be that the challenges were super difficult, and the contestants were prepared to battle it out in order to win the grand prize. However, nearing the 30th season mark we started getting worse challenges, contestants refusing to compete and a bunch of 'politicking.'

    The episode I just watched (season 36, episode 11) had a total of 22 minutes of actual challenge and 40 minutes of 'duplicitous scheming' aka politicking. As well as that, it had a cliff-hanger ending which meant I didn't even get to see the elimination match.

    It's a shame that the show has gone this way, but I guess it's a result of the times. Back in the days what people cared about most was the actual competitive nature of the show, but now, the show runners think the generation watching is more interested in the fake and overhyped drama, as opposed to the actual challenges that made the show a hit in the first place. This may be true since season after season they've focused on bland conversation (fake politics) way more than the actual challenge portion of the show. I hope they can get back to form soon.

    Between the fake drama, contestants choosing not to actually compete and the poor standard of competitors they're getting on, I don't know how much longer I can last. Here's to hoping I guess...