• Warning: Spoilers
    This Canadian sci-fi drama opens with protagonist Sarah Manning, a streetwise hustler from London, bumping into a woman who looks just like her in a crowded station in a North American city... moments later the woman steps in front of a train. Sarah sees this as an opportunity and takes the woman's bag with the intention of clearing out her back account before anybody realises she isn't the woman they think. Soon her life is changed forever. Sarah learns that she and the other woman are clones, and they aren't the only ones. Together with her adoptive brother and mother she meets some of her 'sisters' and try to find the secret behind their creation. Some people don't want the secrets revealed and others see the clones as abomination so they will be in danger.

    I nearly didn't watch this as it is fifty episodes long... I'm glad that I did though as it had me gripped from start to finish. The story is solid and while some of the twists and turns may be a little excessive they didn't spoil it for me. There is a good sense of mystery, when one question is answered more are quickly posed. Throughout there is plenty of tension and a real sense of danger. This tension is relieved by some genuinely funny moments which don't feel forced. The cast does an impressive job; most obviously Tatiana Maslany who is absolutely brilliant as Sarah and her clones; each has their own voice and mannerisms... even when she is playing one characters pretending to be another you can tell which one she is. She is given fine support; notably from Jordan Gavaris as her brother Felix... I was shocked to learn he isn't English; and Maria Doyle Kennedy as adoptive mother Siobhan 'Mrs S' Sadler. The effects are top-notch with frequent scenes of the clones interacting... in one four of them dance together. Overall I'd definitely recommend this series; it was top notch.