• Aww the movies...a time to sit down eat a medium size popcorn and watch the movie you've been waiting to see. Could a thrilling action movie, or a suspenseful horror movie, maybe it's a sweet romance movie, or in this case a gut wrenching comedy movie that gives you no time to breath. Donny's Bar Mitzvah is one of the greatest comedy films I've seen being up there with "The Hangover" but not quite "Airplane" level but that is a testament to how hilarious this movie is because Airplane is my #1 comedy movie. The movie has a couple sub plots (kinda like Airplane's sub plots) that offer some great gags and end in CRAZY conclusions that will either leave you laughing out loud, in shock, pure disgust, or maybe ALL THREE AT ONCE XD.

    Also this movie is the pure definition of wild, where other comedy movies feel like they smoked a joint or two this movie feels like it's had 10 joints and is drunk beyond all belief in all the best ways. It's not afraid to make some riskee jokes that will leave everyone thinking "Did that really just happen?" and then proceed to probably do something even more shocking. Donny's Bar Mitzvah is also like South Park where it takes shots at everyone and there will at least be one to five jokes that will offend you but that's the fun of it. Before I drawl my conclusions I want to point out two things...the writing and the cast, the writing is all over the place and it works to make a non stop joyride of a movie and the cast is SO dedicated to the characters they are portraying it heighten's the film even more than it already is.


    If you read the title I think Donny's Bar Mitzvah is going to have a cult following just like Airplane and the Rocky Horror Picture Show with how out there the movie is. Danny Trejo, penis hats, shots at everyone, really funny action scenes, the 90's ascetic, they all culminate for a one of a kind movie that you'll probably never see again. This is no Scorsese and if you expect that from every movie don't bother with this one but if you like out there comedies, like Airplane, and just want something to absolutely die to then Donny's Bar Mitzvah is a much watch.