• Uninspired describes this routine massage porn collection. Title scene is particularly dumb, as the "spilled" refers stupidly to masseuse Cadence Lux's boyfriend Marcus London accidentally spilling the Nuru massage gel all over his shirt when helping her set up operations in their home, not a salon.

    She then idiotically bets Marcus that if he can clean his shirt she will grant him anal sex. He goes to a bedroom drawer and gets out a clean matching shirt and puts that on, earning him the promised backdoor action. All for the fans to see massage porn up the wazoo.

    Other scenes are hardly more uplifting. Even sillier is a cockamamie scene where busty wife Rachel Roxx finds a salon card for massage in husband Aaron Wilcox's pants pocket, and vows to get even. She sneaks into the Nuru apartment and fools a pretty young blonde masseuse (played by an uncredited unknown) into thinking she is a new-hire masseuse, and gets assigned to service her husband, the old switcheroo confrontation upcoming there. But instead actor Aaron Wilcox shows up as his brother Steve (apparently a twin), and nonsensically Rachel gets back at hubby by humping her brother-in-law instead. This scene makes no sense and is insulting, more like an in-joke involving Aaron Wilcox as "Steve".

    Busty Olivia Austin provides a lesbian segment learning massage from lovely Val Dodds, and in the most cryptic segment, Ana Foxxx keeps her clothing on throughout a wet Nuru scene as she and Kate England go threesome in rubbing down Xander Corvus.