• Warning: Spoilers
    Private Practice had its moments. At times, I loved it, at times, I hated it.

    What made me love it? The character development of Addison, Cooper, Charlotte, Amelia and Jake. They actually managed to be likable, interesting and grow.

    What made me hate it? Well... almost everything else. The characters are so one-dimensional (excluding the ones mentioned above) and overall unlikable! They fall in and out of love so quickly, everyone's slept with everyone, they're shallow, materialistic and snobby! They're selfish and judgmental, too!

    Naomi's the worst offender of them all, and the biggest hypocrite and judgmental person in this show:
    • saying she's against abortion but then tries to force her 15-year old pregnant, MARRIED (!!) daughter have one,
    • judging and essentially cutting off Addison for falling in love with Sam, her ex-husband whom she was divorced from at the time (by the way, is she punishing Sam for falling in love with Addison? No, because apparently Addison was the only one at fault here!)

    I'm mad at the writers for getting Sam and Naomi back together in the series finale. It undid everything the show had worked towards. It takes back the sliver of character development Sam & Naomi had.

    Remember when Addison wanted a baby and he didn't and apparently that was THE deal breaker? Well, no, it wasn't a deal breaker when Naomi was pregnant! He just didn't want Addison's baby and only wanted a baby with his ex-wife (whom he marries again).

    He later states he never loved other women, scrubbing Stephanie and Addison from his memories. Did someone say trashy?

    All this aside, the actors were good. Kate Walsh, Taye Diggs, Caterina Scorsone and KaDee Strickland really made their mark.

    I don't understand people who compare it to Grey's Anatomy. It would be like comparing, say, chocolate cake and blueberry pie! It is not comparable.

    This review is all over the place, which is somewhat fitting for Private Practice!