• Warning: Spoilers
    Fred Gwyn did some amazing dramatic work. Most today only remember him as the judge in My Cousin Vinny. It's sad that many know him from this awful, unfunny, hackneyed series. Imagine being remembered for bad makeup making bad jokes as a 10th rate Frankenstein imitation.

    Yvonne DeCarlo also played some great dramatic roles, was a lovely leading lady opposite Rock Hudson and others. Here she's made into an awful Vampira knockoff.

    It was a blatant attempt to imitate the far superior and actually funny Addams Family. "How can we cash in the Addams? Let's make a family where Frankenstein's the father and Dracula's the mother. Wolfkid instead of Wolfman."

    A 10 year old could have come up with a better show, and 10 year olds and younger were the only ones to briefly watch it. There was zero laughs for the entire short run of this piece of junk. Never has a show needed a laugh track more.

    Addams Family has two great film remakes. No one will ever remake this. No one, not even the ones who made this series, thinks highly of it. The high reviews come from those seeing with nostalgia colored glasses.