• It's not hard to see why this bonkers Japanese film has become a cult classic.

    "Group of young girls visit a haunted house" will do for a plot summary, but that summary doesn't really do justice to the experience of watching this movie. It's like Dario Argento directed "Slumber Party Massacre" while channeling Monty Python. There isn't a single non-weird moment in the entire film, and it's weirdly beautiful for a movie that features a girl being eaten by a piano and a man turning into a giant bunch of bananas.

    I will say that the kookiness becomes a bit exhausting by the time the movie's over. It's like watching a prolonged fever dream of randomness, but 90 minutes is a long fever dream.

    This is the kind of movie that is made for midnight showings at boutique movie theaters.

    Grade: A-