• Master of None (2015) - "The personal and professional life of Dev, a 30-year-old actor in New York."

    I loved season 1 & 2. I rewatched both in preparation for this. Season 3 was nothing to do with Dev. So why call it season 3? I like Denise as a character in Season 1 & 2 as she is Devs friend and it's funny to see their interactions, but then it's back on to Dev. That's why her character was good. Making the whole season about her wasn't fun at all. I turned off after half an hour as it was boring and not funny at all. The only part I laughed was when Dev was in it for 5 minutes. Very disappointed, I got a take away and treats for this to binge watch. Such a shame. It should have been a spin off not called 'Master of None' as it's missold.