• Jacky St. James has come up with a solid storyline, buttressed by fine acting (and sexual performances) in this Sweet Sinner romantic thriller.

    Without including spoilers, it follows the basic form of the classic Fatal Attraction, which of course itself was modeled after the late Jessica Walter's memorable movie for Clint Eastwood: "Play Misty for Me".

    Silvia Saige is presented as the femme fatale who dates (and hops into bed for quality XXX action) Quinton James, subsequently harassing him with phone calls, text messages and even threatening fliers when he summarily drops her (he's one of those guys favoring One Night Stands, regardless of how over people relate). Even his lovely co-worker and ex-girlfriend Lacy Lennon is subjected to similar treatment by Silvia.

    As things escalate, there's a mystery involved, as Silvia's friend Amari Anne wonders what's become of SS, and becomes increasingly alarmed. Resolution of the plot is fairly predictable, but still presented by auteur Jacky in dramatic and satisfying fashion.