• Alaiv Delon is on of the most famous actors in the world. Modern folks do not know the name, but cinefiles do. This movie is a good mix of comedy, action, a little romance, and a delight to watch.

    I think his portrayal of Zorro and Don Diego were the inspirations behind Chris Reeve Superman. He plays a bumbling fool and a heroic man in one movie.

    His presence in both roles are commanding. You know who the star is. The bad guys Col. Huerta is also well played, and is played by Stanley Baker.

    Essentially Don Diego s' cousin is murdered, and Don Diego takes his place to bring peace, but he brings it his justice, as he dons the Mask.

    Excellent movie. And recommended from. Fans of REAL hero movies, this is a must. It moves very fast, the music is one of the best out there. IT is never boring as the scenes are well paced and meaningful and the music is placed and scored amazingly.

    Highly recommended, 9.5 out of 10 from me.