• Warning: Spoilers
    Orphan Black is a show that starts good, promising with more than enough intrigue and suspense in each episode as well as its deep screenplay as a whole; it combines award-winning VFX, drama, thrill and funny moments in almost equal and intelligent ways and very much satisfying overall. Seasons 1 & 2 are the best, more enthralling and engaging; starting from mid-season 3 the dive begins until the end with sporadic bright and amazing single episodes throughout, deserving a near 10.

    The series' amazing strength comes from its main actress - the stellar Tatiana Maslany. I'm the 282nd reviewer to praise her super amazing job in bringing to ultra-believable life numerous clone characters, playing them effortlessly, with utmost brilliance and most importantly without mistake. Throughout the show, I was constantly thinking that the meaning of ACTING should be redefined in the dictionary with Tatiana Maslany being linked to it and cited as a living example of how to act. How to really act!

    Up to now, what i thought was my understanding of acting was beautiful play and personification of characters in the entertainment industry motion pictures. After having watched Orphan Black and the prowess that the diamond-like Tania Maslany has performed, I finally understood the real meaning of it and what it means to really immerse oneself in a given character or a blend of multiple ones with each having their own personality, persona and demons.

    I lived with it, throughout its 50 episodes, feeling and seeing them like family and despite its weaknesses and some cheesiness, it's my belief that its strength, beauty, positive messages and values way supersede the former and for a short time makes you live alongside them, smile and be happy with them and shed some drops of tears when destiny played misdeeds at them.

    4 years have passed since the show's "been" finished, but it will forever live in our heart and the "sistras" being our "sistras", beautiful, psycho brave, extrovert, depressed, dark, enigmatic and shiny as the science behind it.

    Sarah, Helena, Allison, Beth, Rachel, Cosima - you are my sisters forever and ever...