• Doesn't deserve one star.

    I caught the last half of this garbage fest on late night TV, while finishing up the laundry. I'm here to tell you to never watch this crap-pile of a film. Never let anyone you care for or respect watch it either. It's a brain-cell, and spirit destroyer. I can assure you that there's not ONE, single, redeeming quality about this horrid, plotless, poorly acted, poorly directed, Uber-violent, gore fest. It's literally a waste - of everything, time, space, electricity...molecules.

    I had figured since the actress playing the mom had done a great job playing a supporting role in an excellent suspense film with Michael Douglas (The Game, 1997) that she'd surely bring a touch of class to this heap-O-garbage.

    I was very wrong.

    It appears to me that all the actors in this crummy film took mass doses of tranquilizers just to tolerate being in such a scum-bucket movie.

    Again, I have to ask, WHO writes, or produces, or directs this particular kind of heinously violent crap? I mean what kind of twisted soul comes up with this kind of script? And what total idiot in the Movie Industry would invest their money, time, or efforts to help make something so completely antithetical to the many beautiful creations of ART by millions of humans who create Beauty in film, music, painting, sculpture, fashion, photography, etc.?

    *A SPECIAL PLEA TO ACTORS EVERYWHERE* Just Say "NO" to bad movies! Keep your dignity; hang on to your principles! To me, this movie is simply a statement of hatred towards the entire human race - and particularly the family.

    Another reviewer cleverly stated that he believed the only reason this movie was made was so the producers could launder some illicit money. And you know, I believe he's 100% right. There's no possible other reason for that horrible, violent, nihilistic swill. Unless it was a giant Hollywood middle finger to the nuclear family and the whole entire human race....