• Warning: Spoilers
    As a retired police officer I love cop shows that are realistic. This show misses the mark by a mile. In reality, Danny would've been fired or killed years before he ever became a detective, and cops like Jamie simply don't exist. Nobody has time to "deep think" every bit of minutia that goes along with police work. Most cops run from call to call all day, every day and barely remember anything by the end of the week. And gun fights almost every shift? In reality you might take your gun out every now and then, but actually be in a gun fight a very small number of times in a career, if ever. Also, how is it that in every show, Danny, Jamie, Erin and Frank's lives always criss-cross? In a city as big as New York they would NEVER cross paths, let alone nearly every day! The writing is terrible and they constantly do things that cops simply never do. Like Jamie constantly dealing with calls after his shift is over. You'd get fired for that, not praised! And every single woman he deals with is his age and smoking hot. They really need to get a police consultant on this show, and if they already have one he should be fired and replaced by someone competent immediately. I thought having Tom Selleck would make this show watchable, but it is really bad. Maybe I'm just being too critical because I spent 23 years in the profession and the nonsense on this show does not happen. Danny is a terrible cop and gives all cops/detectives a bad name. He is as stupid as they come and detectives are some of the most intelligent people on the job. They must know the law inside and out, and apply it properly every single time. It's like the Rules of Criminal Procedure don't even exist. He constantly tries to do things that are ridiculously illegal or illogical and is always shocked when his ADA sister tells him he can't do that nonsense. If I was a detective in NYC I would be offended at how they portray cops. This show is unwatchable in my humble opinion.