• Gitanjali / Geethanjali (1989) : Brief Review -

    An Immortal Romance with Cult Music! What if told you that 'The Fault In Our Stars' was adaptation of this Mani Ratnam Classic and this Original Telugu Feature has better metaphors. By this time i mean 2021, i assume that many moviegoers have seen Hollywood Flick 'The Fault In Our Stars' or have read the Novel of 2012 or have seen its Bollywood Adaptation 'Dil Bechara' recently. And i also assume that many Indians must have over-praised the Hollywood flick. Well, here is the better version of the same story and it was made 25 years before Hollywood adopted the novel of the same name on screen. Or i can say that 23 years before that Novel was written. And i proudly state that this Mani Ratnam Classic has got everything which was missing in the Novel and the Hollywood film. My review of TFIOS is there on IMDb and you can read i have clearly said in my review that, TFIOS has missed metaphors. And i have found it here. I regret that Why i didn't see this film before watching that Hollywood film. *Slapped Myself* Gitanjali is one of the highest rated Telugu Film at IMDb, Rank #26 to be precise and I also learnt that it is quite popular among Telugu Audience. I don't wonder why.. It deserves all the Love and fan following. A film which had cult music and immortal love saga and made Nagarjuna a sensation and a heart-rob among Telugu Audience. The story we all know-On a fog swept chilly hill station, a terminally ill young man (Prakash) meets a boisterous girl (gitanjali). Love blossoms, but there's a shadow behind the light she radiates and the emotional climax follows. Young Nagarjuna and Girija both look very fresh and theirs characters are awfully lovable. Both make a solid chemistry out there. Ilaiyaraaja's memorable Music and Mani Ratnam's Terrific Writing and Direction makes this film a Must Watch. So, don't miss it. Start admiring our original gems than praising Hollywood Copies for a change, at least for a while.

    RATING - 8/10*

    By - #samthebestest.