• Wowzers. I am a fan of the original(s) and this was awful. Similar plot, with she twist.

    It's shinny and new and everything seems fake. Everything seems processed and contrived because it was. For those who saw it, they know what I mean in the plot.

    It did have modern Hollyweird talking points. Kid you not! Men bad, women good. Men dumb, women smart. I didn't exaggerate.

    I am not kidding. A movie on the SyFy channel, which are mostly a male audience, is getting lectured in a bad movie about misogyny.

    The killer is a man and this movie makes no sense. Did I fail to mention it has close up shots of men slow motion bathing, which is for feminismgayism empowerment, for a straight male audience?

    Terrible plot. Boring...just boring. It drags and drags.

    The Director cannot direct and the cinemotography was bad. The writing was obviously a mess. All 3 should be banished form movie making.

    Glad I didn't watch it on SyFy, but rather streamed it.

    I watched it, so you don't have too.

    2 out of 10.