• Just finished tvN show "Happiness" & definitely a 10/10!! One of the best shows in the genre & definitely worth the hype! (deserves more global hype imo)

    I always liked Park Hyungsik before but wasn't really a "Fan". But after this he totally won me over! His portrayal of the character, acting, chemistry, looks everything was just FABULOUS. "YiHyun" is now my top favorite kdrama male lead (along with Chief Hong from HCCC).

    Han Hyojoo was stunning in her character, even though "SeByeom" was sometimes too unrealistically righteous in the beginning. But by the end loved her as well.

    The Best character (aside PHS) out there is lieutenant Han. THE COOLEST in short.

    The other supporting cast also did a brilliant job cz I really really wanted to enter there & strangle some of them (lol)

    I could go one for hours about how good Park Hyungsik & Han Hyojoo look together. Their chemistry was one of the highlights of the show. It's not on romance genre but still gave me vibes from time to time they should definitely do another drama together.

    Year 2021 was the one of the greatest years for Korean shows & "Happiness" was the perfect last piece for it. (I'm still a bit disappointed that it's not on Netflix I hope they bring it).

    It'll be hard for the next kdrama I watch cz the bar has been set so high. Excellent. Brilliant.