• I LOVED the First Nine Lives movie. It was fantastic, great chemistry, good plot, good cinematography and great supporting cast.

    This is an unnecessary sequel to a great movie. It's basically what EVERY Hollyweird property is doing; sequels, remakes and re-quels full of unnecessary forced inclusion and modern sensibilities.

    Like all of Hollyweird movies post 2012 or so, it is made to subvert expectations and ruin the original(s). They ruined the first movies happy ending and just had an unnecessary plot where things didn't work out because reasons.

    Yeah, not kidding. Just move on with your lives and don't even attempt to watch this garbage sequel.

    In 2021 there was no good Christmas movie on Hallmark Channel. I am such a big fan, but Hollyweird has infected Hallmark Channel. It's one less thing I need in my life I guess, at this point.

    I am a loyal or was a loyal Hallmark viewer. Heck I am on of the 2 people who respond to every HAllmark Twitter post....or was as of 2021. Goodbye Hallmark.

    Not recommended; 3 out of 10. Sorry Brandon, shame this script let you down.