• The one thing that makes me have misgivings is that it was produced by Sky News Australia, which is owned by the Murdochs, which own Fox News. But the reporting is fascinating.

    The documentary starts out by mentioning that apparently something very similar to Covid was circulating among those who returned from China after the Military Games in Wuhan in October 2019. There are numerous interviews with scientists around the world, a timeline of what happened and when, and also numerous interviews with Trump and members of the Trump administration. Some of the questions for Trump are gotchas too, not just soft ball questions. It appears this documentary was made after Trump left office and so were most of the interviews.

    The US has not had much in the way of investigative journalism for years, since both left and right wing media have adopted a "Tell Them What They Want To Hear" stance to grow their audiences and news has become profit driven. I wonder if Walter Cronkite was alive today what he would have to say about all of this.