• The 2010 Chinese comedy "Da Xiao Jiang Hu" (aka "Just Call Me Nobody") was a movie that I hadn't heard about before in 2022 when I had the chance to sit down and watch it. And with my interest in Asian cinema, of course I opted to watch this movie from director Yen-Ping Chu even without knowing what the movie was about.

    Boy, talk about a swing and a miss. First of all, the comedy aspect to "Da Xiao Jiang Hu" fell entirely short of tickling me the right places, so I didn't find it the least bit funny, and thus had no laughs from the storyline nor the characters.

    And speaking of the storyline, it was not a great nor interesting storyline. In fact, it was somewhat of a struggle to keep having an interest in the movie and to focus on what was transpiring on the screen. So the writers didn't manage to produce a script that fell into my liking.

    The acting in "Da Xiao Jiang Hu" was fair enough. It was fun, though, to see Eric Tsang show up in the movie. Just a shame he had nothing much to work with in terms of a proper script.

    I found "Da Xiao Jiang Hu" to be a struggle to sit through, so this it not an outstanding gem in the Chinese comedy cinema.

    My rating of "Da Xiao Jiang Hu" lands on a generous two out of ten stars.