• This was a musical special starring Carole Lawrence, Donald O'Connor, and Gene Kelly. It was the first appearance of O'Connor and Gene Kelly together since 1952's Singin in the Rain.

    I saw this hour long special on youtube, and at first I thought the year was wrong because I didn't realize that NBC was broadcasting in color when some American families had just gotten their first TV of any kind, much less a color TV.

    All of the routines are musical ones, and Kelly is the main attraction because he was the biggest star of the three. Kelly was likely trying to reinvent himself professionally, as his last major role in a musical motion picture was in "Les Girls" in 1957. Both O'Connor and Kelly perform numbers that are reminiscent of Singin In The Rain, and then Kelly and Lawrence are featured in numbers that remind me of those in "An American In Paris".

    It's mainly interesting from a TV and film history angle.