• Warning: Spoilers
    .......And once that line is uttered, the film finally picks up, it's just a shame that the previous two hours were so bland and mundane.

    During the Great War, a former soldier turned pacifist is forced back into action when the forces of evil threaten to keep the war from ever ending.......

    I'm very fond of Matthew Vaughn and his films. Layer cake was an outstanding film, and he breathed life into the ailing X-Men franchise with first class. But this franchise has been a very strange one from the off.

    This prequel has Ralph Fiennes as the originator of the said Kingman, and because he's renounced violence, he forbids his son to take part in the Great War.

    So for the first to acts of the film we have Fiennes sipping whiskey, having suits fitted, and seeing Rhys Ifans totally embarrassed playing Rasputin. The plot features a heavily accented Scot who lives at the top of a mountain, being very angry, and taking his rage out on goats. From what there is of a plot, he wants to carry on the Great War, and tries to get three identical cousins to start a war, after all they are leaders of their respective ountries.

    Meanwhile, we get Fiennes getting his son involved in his secret group, and finally his son begins to realise that his dad isn't as boring.

    Now this is the part that surprised me the most. I was expecting the film have Fiennes pass the crown to his son come the end of the movie, but Vaughn treated us to a very big surprise just halfway through the film.

    It's a bland affair, action set pieces are boring and unimaginative, and the final reveal of the villain just mad me think 'really?'

    It also reminded me greatly of 1998's Avengers (Which Fiennes also starred in), and the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen.

    It's all a little bit boring, and you can really feel the run time.

    I think the franchise is dead now.

    Small mercy I suppose.