• Marry Me

    It was fabulous.

    Last week Mark Kermode said the Moonfall was intergalactically dumb and this week we have Marry Me and believe me it was RomCom ridiculous.

    The situations was so far fetched, the acting exaggerated, outfits from Eurovision, cheesy lines and contrivances beyond the wit of man but I loved it. However, I agree, if you can't get past the bizarre scenarios and ridiculous plot then you may conclude this is the turkey of all turkeys!

    Why so did I like it, you may well ask, why did this old hack like it, well the on screen chemistry between this odd couple, Jennifer Lopez and Owen Wilson worked in spades, it was charming, believable, sweet, and it all just breathed in all the right places. These two were perfectly cast and the roles they took were right up their street.

    How interesting that John Bradley featured in both Moonfall and Marry Me, and they had a similar endearing charm and were both idiotically far fetched!

    I'm giving this a firm 7 out of 10 for total charm, and escapist entertainment.