• 7/10


    I haven't been embarrassed, or ashamed, to go see a movie alone for a very long time, but this movie did just that. At least, before the movie began. I was the only single person to go see this film during this showing and I did feel out of place.

    However, when the movie started, and the lights went down, I didn't care what was happening around me. This was a beautiful movie that wasn't cheesy or corny. It felt like there was effort put into make a good movie and a thought out process of how to actually get from point A to B.

    In reality, I don't believe this story would happen in real life, but in a different world it does. I think Owen Wilson is actually under appreciated, at least to me, as he is able to play the common man so well. He's not flashy and seems so humble in the film. The chemistry with him and Jennifer Lopez is awkward as all get up until they start to know each other. It blends well.

    While the runtime is nearly two hours long it doesn't feel that way because the story is told well and the music is entrancing. There's nothing crazy about this film, but there's heart and passion, and that's what makes a truly good romantic movie.

    In the end there were elderly couples and young couples who attended this film and while I don't if any of them cried, there was definitely laughter, meaning they enjoyed the film too.

    If you're looking for something quiet to do for Valentine's and you like watching a movie, may I suggest this one? I don't think you'll be disappointed!

    Until next time.... Enjoy the show!