• First, the movie is just plain cringe and boring. There was nothing new, surprising, exciting or interesting in its plot. No chemistry between the main leads and even dog was not funny.

    Now, like JLo i got epiphany: she is the most shallow, narcissistic, greedy, vain, vacuous, desperate person. There is no redeeming quality about her. Some quotes from the movie just prove my point: she thinks she is "next level" hot, north of only 35 age wise and should be definitely nominated for something by now (her Hustler Oscar snub sting, i guess). She has no self-awareness to understand that not only she is terrible singer or no singer at all, she is also a terrible actress and insecure woman.

    Because of her terrible personality, this movie went down the drain more than it would, if there was better actress or nicer person playing Kat.

    Avoid by all means, even if you like rom-com. Thank god i didn't have to pay for this garbage.