• The Riddler(Paul Dano, spot-on. How did it take this long for him to get a role like this?) targets public officials, revealing their corruption, and killing them in gruesome fashion(how did this get away with a PG-13 again? Oh, right, as long as you don't show the details, then you can get away with almost anything, by now. Even a barely toned down Jigsaw). In order to stop him, it will be necessary for the Bat and the Cat(with amazing chemistry), together, to stop the rat. Thanks, Matt.

    I really did not think that we needed yet another film dealing with Bruce Wayne's alter-ego. How about Nightwing? I know it's not likely, but part of me still holds out hope that Grayson will be turned into a feature(if you've never checked out the trailer on YouTube, you're missing out). But somehow, this managed to convince me. Fingers crossed for at least one sequel. Robert Pattinson is incredible here. Seriously, can we just stop freaking out every time the role is recast? The closest we've come to someone who shouldn't be doing it is George Clooney, and it's not like anybody came out of that flick looking good. He took that job after doing From Dusk till Dawn. There was good reason to think that he was going to be badass. Honestly, everyone here gives a strong performance.

    Something that will definitely appeal to some more than others, is the genre and tone. This is essentially Se7en meets Zodiac. It is not paced like a typical massive blockbuster. While the action is great, especially the martial arts, not to mention that car chase, there's less of it and it is smaller scale than for example the Nolan trilogy(which also has far more escalation). Essentially, this just isn't focused that much on that aspect of the titular icon. And I think we can all agree that we've had some great entries that deliver that. This is more interested in conveying to the audience that there's a reason he's called the world's greatest detective. We've barely seen it outside of the animated ones before, so I'm very happy with that choice by them.

    In addition to what I've already mentioned, this features some drugs, suggestive material and strong language. I recommend this to any fan of Batman. 9/10.