• Warning: Spoilers
    Right from the 1st leaked screenshots I had doubts about this movie, wasn't bothered by the fact Robbie Pattinson was playing the main man, moody, morose, silent, he had all the things necessary to portray the brooding Batman, unfortunately he had no screen presence, the Batman's mere look should strike fear, Pattinsons didn't, had the resounding thumps of his Jack boots not been amplified to sound like a herd of elephants it would've been easy for him to go unnoticed among the throngs of police officers & various characters.

    The only scene that attempted to inject any excitement was the "budget Batmobile" chase scene, overly long, quite pointless & shockingly silly and far far too loud, another problem with this movie, whereas the musical score was for the most part the best thing about this movie it's actual sound was one of the worst, every screech, scream and gunshot was turned up to maximum, deafening the audience.

    Of course the real villain of this movie is the story or more precisely its lack of one, yes we're introduced to "the Penguin" an overweight balding scar faced slob that screams more sleazy pervert than villain & a complete waste of use of the character then its "the Riddler" a bespectacled "youtuber" in what's best described as a gimp costume, a character with no special talents yet is somehow able to enter unseen an exclusive apartment and commit murder, a locked vehicle to over power it's driver and enter unseen a police gym and over power the cheif of police and kidnap him and all the while screeching like a banshee on video & facetime.

    The films runtime is far too long telling a story that is uninteresting and ultimately very boring, there are no heroic deeds performed no good guy to root for.

    The time line for this movie becomes apparent from the diary kept by Bruce Wayne and various TV news broadcasts, this is year two in the career of the Batman yet he isn't the vigilante that's feared by the criminal underground yet he's hated by the police force, with no context to work from of his past deeds as a vigilante its very confusing.

    Quite simply this isn't a movie about Batman , Pattinson could have played the character without the costume and the movie would have still been the same, a very boring lacklustre detective story.

    Zoe Kravitz plays Catwoman, a character completely different to the Halle Berry version but played equally as badly.

    Put simply this movie ranks worse Batman movie behind the awful Batman and Robin, as the caped crusader Pattinson isn't a patch on Keaton, Kilmer, Bale or even Afflek.

    I can only imagine Warner Bros/DC wanted to emulate the profits they raked in from "The Joker" so decided to give Batman the same treatment but where "Joker" stripped away everything and concentrated on the character "The Batman" strips away everything about the character and concentrates on everything else, the sets, cinematography and secondary characters are fine tuned and highly detailed whereas Batman is reduced to a pair of "Jack boots" clumping through the movie.

    By the end of Matt Reeves "The Batman" I felt I knew a little about what it was like to be in a hostage situation, the elation I felt at the ending of the movie gave newly found strength to my numbed legs allowing me to bound out from the cinema seat seeking the freedom of the evening air, it was a wonderful experience, something I sadly can't say about the movie.

    Nolans trilogy is still the best, he gave the character a begging a middle and an end and he did it with style all the while telling a complex and interesting story about complex and interesting characters, Matt Reeves fails abysmally with "The Batman" choosing to emulate scenes from past Batman movies rather than creating something new and unseen, from Keatons Bruce Wayne to Bales Dark Knight it's all there easily recognised.

    If this is Reeves idea of re-booting the character for a new generation then it was a pointless endeavour, the new generation hasn't the need or interest for it, they certainly don't have the patience to sit through 3 hours of it.

    The movie is about the beginning of Batman's career when he is young, full of the energy necessary to fight the criminals and crime of Gotham city, Pattinsons "Batman" meanders through the movie as if he were a zombie looking disinterested and deflated, this is not a superhero movie nor a movie about a hero, it should not be a movie at all.